Movie Review: Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet



















In 1996 Kenneth Branagh produced his four hour film version of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Unlike most film versions that cut portions of the play Branagh contained every line of the play. With little or no modification to the script Branagh uses impressive imagery to convey his interpretation of the play. The actors of the movie do an impressive job at conveying emotions. Many people cannot understand old English, but the actors use body language excellently in order to express their emotions. Branagh does an exceptional job with the “to be, or not to be” soliloquy. He uses several images in this scene; this along with the wonderful performance given by the actor allows the viewer to see deeply into the mind of the complicated Hamlet. The supporting actors also do an excellent job of conveying the emotions of their characters. Branagh does the best possible job of transforming the play into a film. This film can possibly be the best version of the play yet.




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