Is Hamlet Insane?



 Hamlet has puzzled people with his “antic disposition” for centuries. Throughout the play he walks the lines of insanity, but does he ever cross them? One argument that can be made against Hamlet’s insanity is the fact that he does know what he his doing is perceived as insane. Most insane people are not aware that their actions may seam strange to others, this to me is enough to prove Hamlet’s sanity. I think Hamlet’s actions and suicidal thoughts are not a result of insanity, but a result of depression. Hamlet has had several traumatic events happen in his life which could cause him to become depressed, for example the death of his father. Depression is a usual reason for suicidal thoughts. Several of Hamlet’s other actions can also be explained by depression, for example he lashes out at his loved ones like Ophelia. In my opinion hamlets actions are not a result of insanity, but of depression.


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